About HyperDuck Web Search
HyperDuck is an easy to use interface to multiple search engines. HyperDuck features the top rated sites for search. You can also get side-by-side results for Google and Yahoo in either a horizontal or vertical view.

Using HyperDuck is as easy as 1-2-3. (1) Enter what you are seaching for, (2) Select a seach engine, and (3) Click Search. Your request will be processed and displayed on the site of the selected search engine.

HyperDuck was created by Tim Elam in March of 2000 after becoming tired of sorting through a bunch of bookmarks and going from one site to another to find something. HyperDuck is now a one stop shop for search featuring a clean easy to use interface and access to the best sites for search on the Internet.

The HyperDuck logo (the head) was hand drawn by Tim Elam, all rights reserved. It was then scanned and colored digitally. The current logo was made using The GIMP.

Use of the name "HyperDuck" to represent an individual, business, or group on any other website shall not be associated with HyperDuck.net, Tim Elam, or referred to any manner.

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Contact HyperDuck
I always appreciate comments and suggestions. If you know of a really cool search engine that's not listed here, let me know and it might get added to HyperDuck.

Because of excessive spam I had to remove the contact form from this page. You can use the contact page on my blog or email me directly at tim at hyperduck dot net.
HyperDuck Tools
Below is a small list of tools for quick access. I'll add more as they become relevant.

ASCII Character Codes - A list of ASCII character codes.
Web Safe Colors - A list of web safe colors with their RGB and HEX values.

Random Password Generator Web Safe Colors

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